Die universelle Sprachsteuerung

The Talking-Pi is a to Google Home / AIY-Projekt compatible, intelligent and universal Open-Source voice-control-assistant for the Raspberry Pi.
Simpy control your light, outlets or your coffee machine with your voice.
There are no limits to your imagniation.

The Talking-Pi is equipped with a holder for 433MHZ radio modules.
Furthermore, it is possible to address devices and circuits via the GPIO interface of the Raspberry.
Another highlight is the microsecond accurate 6 channel servo PWM control. This allows you to control robots or robot arms, for example.

  • Intelligent Open Source Voice Control Wizard
  • Configurable and customizable according to your own wishes
  • Compatible with Google Home / AIY Project
  • Integrated I2S sound output driver with 1x3W loudspeaker output on a screw terminal
  • Using commercially available expansion boards: control of radio modules (433 MHz) via voice control