The activation can be done either by pressing the button or by a so-called wake-word, which has been integrated into the system before.
In the system we have prepared, the talking pi reacts to the two Wake-Words “Talking-Pi” and “Alexa”.

If these two wake-words are not enough for you, or if you want to personalize your Talking-Pi, you can of course also teach your Talking-Pi your own wake-words.

For user-defined wake-word detection we use the Gassist Pi Library in combination with the Snowboy Hotword Detection.

These two libraries are of course already installed on our prepared operating system.
For the user-defined wake-words you can either record your own hotword or use an existing wake-word in the Snowboy Dashboard.

You record the wake word three times to adapt it to your voice. Afterwards, you can download the .pmdl file that matches your wake word. Then copy this file to the following folder of your Talking-Pi:

In order to activate the wake-word in your Talking-Pi it is necessary to modify the configuration file of the Gassist Pi library.
To do this, type the following command into a terminal on your talking pi:

As in the following example, modify the models array to add or remove your own wake word configuration files.

Please note that the phrase “[mywakeword]” is a placeholder to be replaced by the filename of your own wake word.
You can then save your changes by pressing CTRL+O and open the editor.
with the combination CTRL+X.

After restarting the system, your personal wake word should be integrated into the system and the talking Pi should react to its new command.