With a modified Cloud Speech API, 80 languages are available. You can also enter your own wake words and commands in the system.

Attention! The Google Cloud Speech API is free of charge if you use it for less than 60 minutes per month. Otherwise, you will be charged $0.06 per 15 seconds. However, you will receive a notification if you exceed the 60-minute limit.

First, open up theĀ Google Cloud Console.
Log in with your Google Account or create a new one if you don’t already have one.
Open the project overview and create a new project.

Next, select the option “Billing” from the left menu.
Add a new payment method and follow the instructions.

After adding a new billing option, return to the billing menu and make sure your newly created project is linked to this payment option.

To link your project to a payment option, you can simply select the three items.

Next, the required services are activated.
Use the icon marked in the picture to add a new project to your list.
Then simply enter any name for your project and complete the process.
Then open the menu and select the option “APIs & Services” and activate the menu.

In the API library that now opens, search for the term “Google Cloud Speech API”.
Select the found API and activate it.

Now select the item “Access data” in the “API & Services” overview.

Select “Create login data” and create a “Service account key”.

Here you define the project and viewer as roles:

Select “JSON” as the key type.

Now create your access data by clicking on “Create”.
The download of your data starts automatically, rename the downloaded file to cloud_speech. json and copy the file to the User directory of your Talking-Pi.