The board of the Talking-Pi already has 6 connections for the use of servomotors. You can easily connect the servomotors required for the robot arm to these connections. Make sure that you set the jumpers, which are located directly next to the connectors, correctly. In order to switch from GPIO operation to the required servo operation, the jumpers must connect the middle and right pins with each other. The servomotors of the robot arm should be connected according to the following numbering:

First make sure that I2C is already activated on your system.
To use the servo modules, a special program library is additionally required.
This is based on the Adafruit_PCA9685 Python library, but is specially adapted to our board.
We strongly recommend that you only use our own custom library.
You can download the customized library here.
Please copy the unpacked library completely to your Raspberry Pi and navigate to this folder in the terminal.
Use the following command to install the library:

Next, please download the robot arm’s script package for the talking pi from our download-archive, unpack it and copy the extracted folder into the user directory (/home/pi) of your Raspberry Pis.
If you have not yet added your own voice commands to your Talking-Pi, you can also download the googlecloudtalkingpi file and replace it in your system (/home/pi/voice-recognizer-raspi/src/) and proceed to the next chapter.
However, if you have already added your own commands, please also perform the following step.

First run the following command to open the file:

Add the following phrases to the except phrases in the same way as you did with your self-added phrases:

The following command integrations are also added as you did with your own:

Save your changes with the key combination CTRL+O and close the editor with the combination CTRL+X.

You have now successfully connected the robot arm to your Talking-Pi and extended the system with the necessary functionalities. Now connect a suitable power source to the hollow plug connector on the board of the Talking-Pis.
A power supply with a voltage of 4.8V – 6V and a maximum current of 6A is required as the current source.
The robot arm is now fully operational.
You can now control it with the following voice commands:

  •  „Dreh dich“
  •  „Streck dich“
  •  „Greif zu“

These are just a few examples to show you the functionality and integration of the robot arm.
Of course, you can easily integrate your own commands into the system.