Dear support,

I was not able to boot the attached talking board. Somehow I am not able to make use of the microphone.

Just when using a rebuild image (AIY project) I can connect to the board, but I really want to use my installed raspbian system.

But how to do this, the manual provided is not detailed on this.




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Joy-IT (Jarek) (anonymous) 0 Comments

Dear Nico,

Our website and the uploaded manuals are still in construction, but there will be a detailed manual in the near future (aprox at the end of this week) where it would be described how to include the needed drivers in a fresh Raspbian Installation. Before this I’d refer to the following Githubs:

  • https://github.com/google/aiyprojects-raspbian
  • https://github.com/shivasiddharth/GassistPi

In these both packages you can find Scripts (Google Aiy: https://github.com/google/aiyprojects-raspbian/tree/aiyprojects/scripts | GassistPi: https://github.com/shivasiddharth/GassistPi/tree/master/audio-drivers/AIY-HAT/scripts), which install the drivers and configure them into the Linux System probably.

Sorry for the delay and I wish a lot of fun with the TalkingPi

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Jarek (Joy-IT) (anonymous) 0 Comments

Dear Nico,

you can find a first (german) version of the instruction for installing the needed drivers for Raspbian under the following link: http://talkingpi.joy-it.net/installation-der-sound-module/

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